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Thank you for your interest in Ask Professor Steve.

All my life I have been naturally drawn to help others learn when given an opportunity. This has been passed down through a long family line of community leaders promoting positive ways of doing things. Everyone should have the right to learn whatever they want; and with a talent for separating truth from the propaganda, I have been asked by many to share what I've learned.

What we each discover through our five senses develops into many vastly different perspectives. Some of our experiences defy our senses. And none of our perspectives seem wrong ... from our own point of view.

To minimize confusion my approach will be open, honest and straight forward. My children and my students have taught me that there is no such thing as a dumb or stupid question, just a lot of misunderstanding. Having grown and matured over the years, they still feel free to ask me about anything.

My gift is in collating information, and filling in the holes (the info often left out) between the many specialties we have been taught to focus on. My experiences, personal and professional, are diverse and include business, housing, finance, insurance, government, science, travel, theology, parenting, psychology and education. Starting from the bottom in each field and working my way to the top, has been an amazing experience.

Professors tend to have a lot of free time in the summer, so I have had the opportunity to go almost everywhere. Although my current hometowns are Las Vegas and San Francisco, I have lived all over the United States. No matter where I go, there is always something new to discover. For this reason, my associates and friends have made me their "go to" guy for inside info. Through a series of articles, I'd now like to share this insight with everyone else.

I hope you benefit from what is shared on this and my other sites.


Professor Steve

P.S. I would like to graciously thank KOZZI for making available of some of the photos used on this site!

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