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Frustration -
How often do we feel overwhelmed?

Frustrated Man

How often do we feel overwhelmed?

When we don’t see a way out; when everything seems hopeless ... the frustration of it all can either persuade us to give up, or to try even harder.

When we have a plan in place that has the potential of working (a good job, an education, a business plan, a good idea,) the situation gets less stressful, the world seems more cooperative, and we seem to be less frustrated.

Much of what we worry about never actually happens.

On most days we face the same things that were there for us yesterday; our responsibilities, the same job, the needs of our loved ones, the education and safety of our children, the traffic. And occasionally, something goes less than wonderfully. Then, eventually, we realize that with every door that closed, a new one opened. And in the end, we have survived what ever has happened in our past.

For most of us, someday our good circumstances will face a change, and the plan we have been depending upon will start to unravel - causing everything to get more complicated in a hurry. Change can be for the better, or for the worse, depending on our next choice.

Be proactive!

So rather than waiting until our current life program stops working to come up with a rushed into place new plan, preempt the next crisis by designing multiple fallback plans.

Then when our current plan begins to fail, change plans quickly rather than going down with the ship. There's nothing wrong about abandoning a sinking ship.

Make a backup plan for the important things; income, food, shelter, family safety. And try not to get too attached to the things we don’t really need. When we realize we don’t really need something, it is very difficult to stress over it!


None of us can perfectly predict what others will do in the future, or how it will impact our own lives. But we can prepare ourselves to deal with a changing future ... in advance.

From now on, when things get difficult, don't give up! Make a plan! Make a back-up plan! If it doesn’t work, so what - just use another plan! In this way we can live a more fulfilling and less stressful life.

What can I do?

If you have found this information to be useful, and want to find out more, find solutions, find a mentor, find a life coach, or find an inspiration ... please go to my Solutions page.


Professor Steve

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