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How Can I Relieve Stress
            ... and Solve Problems Easily

Stressed Out

How Can I Relieve Stress

An effective plan is an excellent stress reliever. When we have a problem, just knowing there's a solution available takes the edge off. It only takes a few successes to start rebuilding our confidence and our self-esteem. So how can we improve the effectiveness of our ideas?

I've Got A Plan!

One of the best stress relievers out there is I've got a plan! But its effectiveness depends on how viable our plan is.

When you say, "I've got a plan!" do the people around you get excited? ... Or do they moan and groan? ... Or maybe you just get a friendly pat on the back with, "That's nice, dear."

When we have a problem, just knowing there's a solution takes the edge off - even if it doesn't work! When we know that the solution will work, we stop worrying about it. When we're not sure, we start looking for contingency plans.

So, if your plans always work, there's usually a bit of excitement in the air when you have one. If your past plans have been fifty-fifty, you might notice a little polite indifference. And if your ideas are often hair-brained, well, what can anyone really say? Everyone rolling their eyes at your plans is hard on the self-esteem. Even so, you still feel a little relief by just having a possible solution; pretty cool.

Here's the kicker, the support we get from those we trust actually affects our confidence, and therefore the actual outcome. When we buy into other people's skepticism, even if they mean well, the sabotage alters the outcome and our life.

Improve Effectiveness

We can actually improve the effectiveness of our ideas by increasing our own expectation of desired results. This is why we get better at everything we do through repetition. What is hard the first time we try it, is easy the hundredth time we do it.

For those whose plans almost always work out perfectly, life is usually pretty wonderful. We all want to be like that, but sometimes it just seems impossible.

When we don't give up, and when we do seek the help we need to fill in the missing pieces that make a weak plan fantastic, that help usually comes from an expert. Maybe we decide to hire a repairman rather that jimmy-rig it ourselves. When it's our attitude and confidence that needs building, we need a 'personal trainer' for our mind. These experts are our mentors in life, our life coaches. They can be ... our parents, our teachers, our experienced co-workers ... anyone we trust!

From now on, when things get difficult, don't give up! Find a mentor, find a life coach, find an inspiration. Make a plan! Make a back-up plan! If it doesn’t work, so what - just use another plan! And live a more fulfilling life.

What can I do?

If you have found this information to be useful, and want to find out more, find solutions, find a mentor, find a life coach, or find an inspiration ... please go to my Solutions page.


Professor Steve

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