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Frustrated Man

Why Can’t I Get What I Want?

I’ve tried everything I can think of, why don’t things turn out the way I plan? How can I change that? Why do I get less of what I want? We all ask these questions at some time or other!
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Where do we draw the line between serving others and being used by others?

Everyone has their own agenda, their own bias, their own ideas about what is best. I have mine too. We try to help others, family, friends, the needy. Then we find our assistance being taken for granted. Where do we draw the line?
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Frustrated Used Parent
Frustrated Man

Frustration - How often do we feel overwhelmed?

When we don’t see a way out; when everything seems hopeless ... the frustration of it all can either persuade us to give up, or to try even harder.
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How Can I Relieve Stress and Solve Problems Easily

An effective plan is an excellent stress reliever. When we have a problem, just knowing there's a solution available takes the edge off. It only takes a few successes to start rebuilding our confidence and our self-esteem. So how can we improve the effectiveness of our ideas? (Read more here ...)

Stressed Out
Frustrated and in denial

Denial, What Good Is It?

People often tell us we shouldn’t deny our reality; that we should embrace it! ...but what about when our reality sucks? Is it healthy to embrace misery? How do we change a rotten situation when we want to? Has anyone noticed that young children, using their imaginations, are usually the happiest people out there? (Read more here ...)

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