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Recommended Reading

Each of the following titles offers insight into what makes us tick; and each from a different point of view.

Please take advantage of my brief descriptions below to determine which books are best for you.

Reading for Joy
    Awaken the Giant Within

Awaken the Giant Within

Written 20 years ago by Tony Robbins, this book is still relavant!

Awaken the Giant will be most useful for those who would like to better understand the actual function of our emotions, what to do when they flare up, and how to use them to our advantage ... instead of being manipulated by them!

“ This book will change your life... if you seriously want to change it. ”
Davida Wood | 84 reviewers made a similar statement

“ I realized, only I know ME like ME! ”
Bernie O'Mahony | 41 reviewers made a similar statement

“ This book written by Tony Robbins is a classic. ”
Richard L. Grimsley | 66 reviewers made a similar statement


Excuses Begone!

Dr. Wayne W. Dyer takes a practical approach to correcting the sabotage we inflict on ourselves!

For those wanting to address habits that have not been beneficial, this book will inspire them to take a new look at the excuses we justify those habits with, and breaking free to move on to our greater potential!

“ This book is easy to read and understand and it offers practical ways of making necessary changes in your life. ”
mrs.mcg | 42 reviewers made a similar statement

“ This is a very easy to read book that contains a large amount of wisdom. ”
Shaun Brodison | 16 reviewers made a similar statement

Excuses Begone!
   Reading to Learn

Professor Steve's

More Useful Reading Tips

Excuse Me, Your Life Is Waiting by Lynn Grabhorn discusses the importance of our feelings, and how they can shape our lives. Lynn also wrote a workbook to go along with the book ... useful for those who want a step by step approach.

The Biology of Belief by Bruce H. Lipton, Ph.D. will forever change how we think about thinking. Through the research of Dr. Lipton and other leading-edge scientists, stunning new discoveries have been made about the interaction between our mind and body and the processes by which cells receive information. It shows that genes and DNA do not control our biology, that instead DNA is controlled by signals from outside the cell, including the energetic messages emanating from our thoughts.

Virus of the Mind by Richard Brodie is the first truly accessible book about memes and how they make the world go 'round. If you've ever wondered how and why people become robotically enslaved by advertising, religion, sexual fantasy, and cults, wonder no more. It's all because of "mind viruses," or "memes," and those who understand how to plant them into other's minds.

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